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Nature Shades pine straw colorants are specifically formulated for pine straw. Designing and producing colorants for pine straw has its specific challenges. We used the latest technology and innovative solutions to solve these issues: 

  • Absorption: Mulch is a very porous material and absorbs product easily. Pine straw on the other hand is naturally resinous and resists typical mulch colorants. Our pine straw formulations have superior binders that help hold the product to the pine needles. 

  • UV protection: Pine straw is by nature, less structurally competent and decomposes faster than mulch.  Our colorants reduce the amount of UV penetration to the straw, this extends the life of the pine straw and provides bolder longer lasting color.

  • Application Procedure: Application to pine straw is typically achieved through topical spraying, after the straw has been laid (see services for more information). This allows us to use a unique binder package that not only helps the color bond to the straw, but the straw bond to itself. This holds straw in place longer and reduces impact from leaf blowers, walking traffic and other mechanical interference.


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