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Our professional crews have spraying down to a science. Applying colorant is a delicate art where consistency is key. After spraying millions of square feet, our team has learned how to capitalize on conducive environmental conditions, control over-spray, manage pedestrian and vehicle traffic in the work zone, and provide quality colorant coverage in all application areas.


  • Pine straw replacement is a big recurring expense. Our product can drastically reduce costs, sometimes by half, especially when fresh pine straw is installed twice annually.

  • If fresh pine straw is laid only once annually, Nature Shades colorant application will bring added value to your landscape. Our products will slow “greying” and extend the color an additional 5-9 months (up to a year in some cases).

  • We recommend application to freshly laid straw. Our products are only as good as the base material, which is exposed to sun and rain, leaf blowers and walking traffic.

  • If you would like us to handle the fresh pine straw installation, we can provide that service as well.


  • Dormant grass is an eyesore. Traditionally, we have three seasons of lush, green, beautiful turf. For the rest of the year we have always had just two options: deal with it, or over-seed it.

  • Over-seeding is high maintenance and expensive, lengthening your mowing season and requiring fertilizer and other chemicals. Not anymore, with Nature Shades you can have a beautiful green lawn in the dead of winter or drought of summer, without any mowing, fertilizer or harmful herbicides. Just a lush looking green lawn, instantly.

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